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scotty cameron logo The most important and individual club for PGA TOUR players is the putter.
In tours since 1993 the most popular putters by far are created in charismatic Scotty Cameron's Studio. They are used in over 40% of the PGA tours and won 64 times on 2016 world tours. Scotty Cameron takes putting as a science and an art, he has gained the trust of many famous PGA TOUR players.
There are thousands of enthusiastic collectors of Scotty Cameron putters and accessories around the world with no end in sight to the collecting mania.

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ScottyCameron profile

1962.11 Born in Glendale, California U.S.
Belonged to the golf club in the university and started working at golf stores.
1986 Employed by Ray Cook (age 24)
He was involved in designing & producing, tour promotion, and other fields
1991 Started his own business
1992 Visited Miyazaki, Japan for a promotion.
Became second most used putter on the U.S. PGA Tour
1993 Bernhard Langer (Germany) won The Masters using one of the Cameron putters.
Since then Scotty Cameron became widely known all over the world.
1994.11 Signed a contract with Titleist company.
1995 The first line of Scotty Cameron by Titleist "Classics series" was released.
"Newport" "Coronado" "Catalina" "La Costa" "Del Mar" "Napa" "Laguna"
All models were named after places in California where he was raised. After several revisions the Classic series remains the all  time standard series beloved by many players in the world.
1996 Tiger Woods won the first time after becoming a pro using a Cameron putter.
(Las Vegas Invitational)
1997 Tiger Woods won The Masters using a Cameron putter.
Teryllium series became a big hit.
Cameron putters became the PGA's most used and winning putters in PGA Tours.
1997 The Classic series was revised to a Oil Can finish.
1998 New series of Pro Platinum was released.
2000 Tiger Woods won three major tournaments, the "British Open", "U.S. Open" and the "PGA Champion ship" using a Cameron putter.
2002 The Studio Stainless series was released.
2003 The first neo mallet style "Futura" was released.
2004 "Red - X" was released.
The studio was relocated to Carlsbad.
2005 "Studio Style" was released.
2006 "Circa" series was released.
2008 "Studio Select Series" was released.
2009 "Studio Select Combi" was released.
2010 "California Series" was released.
2012 "New California Series" was released.
2013 "Futura X" was released.
2014 "2014 Select Series" was released.
2015 "2015 GoLo Series" and “Futura X5” were released.
2016 "2016 Select Series" and "Cameron&Crown Series" were released.


The PGA pros who currently use, or have used Cameron putters.

T. WoodsNewport 2 GSS
D. Love III Newport / 009 Prototype
E. ElsNewport / Ca & Co Newport 2 GSS
M.WeirNewport Mil - Spec
P. MickelsonS. Cameron / Santa Fe
G. NormanClassic 1 / Napa / Newport 2
V. SinghNewport 350G / Big Sur
D. DuvalNewport / Newport Teryllium 2 / Newport Studio Select
K. WebbFutura Phantom / Del Mar 3
J. LeonardNewport Beach / Coronado JL
S. GarciaJAT / Del Mar 3.5 / Newport 2 GSS
A. ScottNewport 2 GSS Slant Neck / Kombi-S Long / Futura T6M
C. VillegasCIRCA '62 No.3 GSS / CIRCA '62 No.6 GSS
D. TomsHandmade
S. HochSanta Fe Teryllium / Coronado
B. FaxonClassic 2.5 / Laguna 2.5 FAX
C. CampbellBulls Eye HS Tour
M. O'MearaNewport 2
P. AzingerClassic 1
R. ImadaDel Mar Prototype CS / Newport Squareback CS
S. MaruyamaScotty Cameron Handmade / Laguna / Classic 1
K. YokoNewport / Classic 6 CU PT
H. TaniharaNewport SSS Tour / GoLo 7S
T. IzawaNewport 2 Tour / Newport Studio Style
H. TanakaNewport GSS Tour / Newport 2 Cameron & Co.
Y. MiyazatoSuper Rat / Circa GSS / Futura X5 short neck
K. FukaboriClassic 2.5
Y. ImanoNewport 2 SSS Tour
N. FaldoDel Mar 3.5
C. BeckmanNewport Tour / American Classic 3
H. IrvinNewport 2 Mid Slant
S. BallesterosScottydale 996 LTD Long Neck
J. DufnerFutura X7M
Hiroyuki FujitaNewport 2 GSS / Newport Fastback CS / Circa No.6 GSS CS
H. MatsuyamaNewport2 Timeless GSS / P5 GSS CS
S.KodairaNewport2 SSS / P5 GSS CS
J. ThomasNewport2 Timeless GSS / Futura X5 welded 1.5 neck
J. Spieth009 Prototype
Rory McIlroyNewport GSS / Newport Fastback CS / Mallet1
Rickie FowlerCirca #3 GSS / Newport2 GSS
And many more 

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