Cameron Museum Auction Guideline



In order to use Cameron Museum Auction (our auction) which Tour Club .Net corp. (our company) manages, it is required to read the following guideline well and to agree on them.

Cameron Museum Auction

In order to be able to participate in our auction, you must be able to read, write, and fully understand Japanese, must be 18 years old or more, must abide our auction guideline, and must register in our membership.

About Cameron Museum Auction

This auction gives opportunities of the purchase of the precious Scotty Cameron goods widely.
The right to purchase goods is granted to the user who wishes to purchase at the highest price at this auction. However sellers and buyers are completely responsible for working out the sale and exchange of goods. Sellers and buyers must resolve any disputes may arise from auction transactions.

Since our auction is managed by the system using a computer network, please understand that it may be impossible to bid at the suitable timing under the influence such as the bad condition of a system and a computer circuit which you use, etc.

The sales contract concluded at our auction cannot be canceled. Users need to bid, when fully convinced, after checking description of item, a photograph, etc. about the goods.

The use stop of service

When there is no payment of the charges, we shall suspend your use of ID, without notifying you.

The rule about a bid and purchase

This auction is premise on the sincerity of the user; “keep a promise you have made”. When a sales contract is concluded based on a successful bid of goods, a user is obligated to complete dealing in accordance with the concluded sales contract. When the intention of an application of dealings arrives at our company by bid, a one-side withdrawal of a bid will be restricted. Therefore, after a successful bid, a use has the duty to act according to the principal of good faith as a person concerned who goes to a conclusion of a contract.

Other important rules

* You may not block service.
  You have to agree not to block service or an auction and not to give remarkable high load to a system.

* Password
  You take the responsibility for about the security protection of a password and ID and all the acts you perform using a password and ID.

Observance of law

In participating in this auction, you have to observe the related laws, government ordinances, ministerial ordinances, ordinances, rules and commands, etc.

Prohibition of transfer of rights and the commercial purpose use

You may not transfer or loan the rights and duties and ID which are acquired according to this guideline to a third party. Moreover, you may not use this auction for the commercial purpose without permission of our company beyond the use range and directions for use which are defined by the guideline of our company.

The escape clause of guideline

You have to agree with the following matters.

You use this auction in self responsibility. Our company has not guaranteed that this auction operates normally. Moreover, our company offers no guarantees, such as not infringing on the conformity to the specific purpose, and a third party’s right.

Our company does not guarantee about the following matters.

1. The contents of this auction and system, program, etc. should be safe and errors and faults should not arise.

2. The result obtained from use of this auction should be exact.

3. All of the error on this auction, fault, etc. should be corrected.

Moreover, it may stop, without carrying out any announcement to a user in advance, when it is judged that our company, such as maintenance of a system, is required for this auction.

The download or acquisition of date must be done on judgment and responsibility of the users. About damage of the company systems produced from download and acquisition of date, and loss of date, only a user takes responsibility.

Restriction of responsibility

Compared with the properties of our auction, the technical restriction about Internet and computers and the technical restriction of infrastructures of communication lines, our company (though the possibility that the damage would occur is pointed out) ①the use or the use impossibility of this auction, ②the goods the user purchase or acquire, date, information, the received massage the substitutes or the cost for the acquisition of substitute services as a result of the dealings in our auction, ③transmission of a user or unlawful access to date or an alteration, ④any damage produced from all the matters about this auction, doesn’t take the obligation.

If the immediate cause of the damage results from our company’s serious mistake or design, the exemption from responsibility of our company which provides in this guideline shall not be applied.

Absence of contract
Between our company and an auction user, there is no contract relationship, such as a tie-up, partnership, franchise, outlet, and outsourcing.

The right of changing of a guideline

When it is judged that our company is required, this guideline shall be changed at any time. However, in changing the important element of a guideline, it shall notify a user in advance.

An applicable law and jurisdiction

A Japanese law is applied to the relationship between use agreement and a use and our company. Moreover the Hamamatsu District Court is a first trial exclusive jurisdiction court about dispute between our company and the user about this use agreement and this auction.

Abandonment of right

The right concerned is not waived also when not exercisng or carrying out the right by which is shown in our company’s use agreement. Moreover, also when a part of use agreement is repealed, other regulations of use agreement are effective.


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