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Item  Scotty personal use Louis Vuitton Messenger Bag ItemNo.  ac008
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¥ 121,000

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High BidderID: 10752
Starting Bid ¥ 10,000-(price)
Bid Increment¥ 1,000
Starting Time04/22 12:00:00
Ending Time04/24 12:00:00

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PPR Comment

Scotty’s own personal Louis Vuitton Messenger Bag
This was the first time that one of Scotty’s own personal items has come on auction. Scotty used the Louis Vuitton Messenger bag for two years, traveling from his home to the Studio. He used other bags during that time as well so the condition of the bag looks as good as new. Scotty is a vintage Louis Vuitton collector and amongst all the bags he owns, he prefers using his Louis Vuitton bags daily.


about 40cm x 30cm x 11cm


Sizeabout 40cm x 30cm x 11cm

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