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Item  Headcover Mexigator Fairway autographed ItemNo.  ac012
Auction Information
Current Price
¥ 117,000

End time
Auction End
High BidderID: 12839
Starting Bid ¥ 66,000-(price)
Bid Increment¥ 1,000
Starting Time04/17 12:00:00
Ending Time04/20 12:00:00

* Bedding has ended for this item.

PPR Comment

COVID-19 Charity Auction.
The entire amount raised will be donated to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Fund. We hope many of our members will join us in this effort to fight against the pandemic.


Don’t miss your chance to get this rare headcover!
*Only the M&G member can join the auction.


SizeFor Fairway

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