Notice of closure of the Tokyo Gallery on the year-end and the New Year

Scotty Cameron Golf Gallery Tokyo will open until the December 25th in the year-end. Our gallery will be closed from the December 26th to the January 9th.

We will open normally from the January 10th.

Our business date will be as follows…

December 25th (Sunday) —– Extraordinary Open

From December 26th (Monday) to January 9th (Monday) Closed

January 10th (Tuesday) —- Normal Open

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Scotty Cameron Golf Gallery Tokyo


News of opening of Tokyo Gallery

Thank you very much for your continuous support.

We would like to inform you that our new branch,”Scotty Cameron Golf Gallery Tokyo”
will be opened in Minami-Aoyama on May 12th.
We appreciate your continued patronage for Scotty Cameron museum & Gallery and
at our new branch in Tokyo.

The details are as follows.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Scotty Cameron Golf Gallery TOKYO
3F The Jewels of Aoyama
5-3-2  Minami-Aoyama Ninato-ku Tokyo
107-0062, Japan

Open: 11am to 7pm
Tel: 03-5766-6060

Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery


Upload of the 2014 M&G Putter Festival Movie

We uploaded the movies of 2014 Putter Festival .

You can watch them by clicking the below URLs which are on you-tube and on

our HP.


M&G Home Pege:

Please enjoy them!

Notification for re-opening on Friday.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

We announce you that we have restarted to open M&G  every Friday again.
We apologize for the inconvenience you had experienced since last October.
We look forward to your continued cooperation in the future.

The announcement of the temporary museum close

The museum is going to be closed from Monday 6th October until Monday 13th October for its conversion and a preparation for the festival. We are going to restart from Tuesday 14th October. We apologize for your inconvenience during this period but your understanding will be appreciated.

Congratulation on the win at the Memorial Tournament, Mr. Matsuyama!!

Congratulation on the win at the Memorial Tournament, Mr. Matsuyama!!

We extend heartfelt congratulation to his first win of PGA Tour which he got by the untiring perseverance.

Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery is going to make a continual support for Mr. Matsuyama.

We wish him the best of future activity.

We have uploaded 4 movies on YouTube!

Thank you very much for coming to Festival from all over the world.

We have uploaded 4movies on YouTube.

Please check them out!

2013 Scotty Cameron Museum&Gallery Festival ( The arrival scene of the guests)

2013 Scotty Cameron Museum&Gallery Festival (The Show for the items announcement)

2013 Scotty Cameron Museum&Gallery Festival (The Golf Tournament)

2013 Scotty Cameron Museum&Gallery Festival (Award ceremony of the Golf Tournament)

New Circle-J gift headcover!!

We have received the new version of the gift Circle J Headcovers.

We will send them to the customers who purchased the tour putter in order of procedure.

Concept F-X Vol.2.

Thank you for giving many pre orders and inquiries in Concept F-X.

Jason Dufner has been using one of the test sample brought to the Tour.

Getting many orders from the tour players, Studio has been very busy in responding to them.
We are looking forward to receiving of the putters soon.

Prototype putter of Adam Scott

 We have just started to take the precedence reservation of the Concept F-X , which is the latest Scotty’s tour putter. And Adam Scott won at 2013 Masters Tournament using this putter.

Please request this putter by sending the email including your shaft request(Bended shaft or Straight shaft), your address, your name and your phone number to the below address if you would like to purchase it. And please appreciate that we will take the reservations by order of arrival.

Concept F-X


Bended shaft or Straight shaft.

*Only Paypal is available for the payment for purchasing this.

Scotty Cameron Museum&Gallery