The 9th Ryuji Imada wins the US PGA

Japanese are rejoicing Ryuji Imada’s triumph at the US PGA tour title, the first time in 5 years that a Japanese pro has won the title. Imada used to use the oil can finish Bulls Eye putter, but now he uses the Del Mar straight-shaft and the Newport Squareback straight-shaft. It seems that he prefers center-shaft putters. Did you notice that the putter he used for this tour had weights mounted in the toe and heel of the face side? Since he likes shorter putters, he needs extra weight to balance the swing weight. The sole of Del Mar is thin, therefore there is not enough room to mount the weights on the bottom. But Scotty came up with the idea to mount the weights on the face side. The weights are boldly mounted over the stamp of Dancing Cameron.
We have sold the Bulls Eye and the Newport Squareback straight-shaft, both same specification as Imada at our shop, and the Del Mar straight-shaft will be for sale again soon. Please look for it at our shop.
By the way, Scotty tour putters have been used by winning golfers in 9 out of 11 recent tournaments. How about that?ツ黴€

The 8th The 3rd Museum & Gallery annual gathering and the golf tournament

Information for the members of the Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery and readers of the Circle T Column.

The following events will be held before the 3rd Museum & Gallery annual gathering and the golf tournament. These events have been organized especially for members coming from overseas, and we hope you and your family will enjoy staying Japan.

Tuesday, October 14ツ黴€Course observation with a navigator and practice round
Wednesday, October 15ツ黴€Pre-tournament
Thursday, October 16ツ黴€Day tour to Kyoto
Friday, October 17ツ黴€Day tour to Tokyo
Saturday, October 18ツ黴€M & G gathering
Sunday, October 19ツ黴€M & G golf tournament

More details will be announced when they become available. These events and schedule are subject to change.

The 7th The Come Back

It was a dramatic ending at the Players Championship this week with Sergio Garcia winning the tournament in the end. As one of Scotty Cameron Tour Putter fans I was delighted to see his victory, especially just after I mentioned him in the last Circle T Column.
When Garcia first started using Taylor Made putters he used a Rozza putter. Several years past trying many different putters before Garcia switched back (very recently) to using a Scotty Cameron putter for the Players Championship tournament. But this year (very recently) he switched back to a Scotty’s tour putter. When our president, Mr. Fukuda visited the studio in April he heard from an insider that Garcia started using a Scotty’s putter again. But who would have thought it would affect his play so instantly!ツ黴€ツ黴€
It is quite obvious that the Scotty’s putter had a lot to do with his comeback. He had been struggling with his putting for the past few years, and it seemed his putting affected his whole play. But this past week, his putting was superb and that was a big factor of his playoff victory.
It shows how putting is crucial for golf, or how the putter club itself can be crucial, when Garcia kissed the putter head with his playoff victory.ツ黴€ He definitely wasn’t caring about his contract matters with his sponsor.ツ黴€ By the way, Garcia uses Newport 2 putter now.

The 6th Victories

Scotty Cameron tour putters were used in 2 recent world victories by Adam Scott and Darren Clarke during the last week of April.ツ黴€ Japanese female pro Yukari Baba won a domestic tournament using Scotty Cameron tour putters in the previous week as well. She uses both the Del Mar 3.5 and Newport 2.5 Select. Also Anthony Kim had a victory using a Newport 2 T10 this week. Scotty Cameron tour putters will very likely have a huge number of victories in this year. Sergio Garcia is now a user of a Scotty tour putter again. He uses the Newport 2 SSS, and we hope he will gain glory again with the putter.