The 11th The new turbo blue headcover and putter bag.

In the past we have been presenting members with a Museum & Gallery headcover and a putter bag specially designed by Scotty for those who purchased a Scotty Cameron tour putter, but now we have a new 2009 model turbo blue headcover and putter bag.


ツ黴€From now on, instead of the Hermes look orange set, we will present a turbo blue set for customers who purchase a tour putter. As much as the orange set has been popular, the new set should be just as popular because of the unique design and beautiful color. We hope you will enjoy them.

The 10th The 3rd Annual Museum & Gallery Gathering

It has been 3 years since we established the Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery, and this year we are having the 3rd annual gathering for the Museum & Gallery members on October 18th and 19th.ツ黴€ We are grateful that every year Scotty makes time to come to Japan for this event despite his busy schedule. Every year during the event we schedule a 3 to 4 hour autographing session so that participating members can get to know Scotty more personally, and maybe have a chance to talk to him in person.ツ黴€38020070630_b_269.jpg 38020070630_b_805.jpg

As well, participants have a chance to purchase from the limited number of putters and other goods Scotty produced especially for this event. Most of those items sell out during the event every year, some of the items later receive quite high bids on the internet auctions, as you may have seen.
The second day of the gathering is the golf competition. The winner and the runner-up will be presented an exclusive hand produced trophy by Scotty. There are plenty of other prizes, and you will certainly have a great time.ツ黴€ Scotty has also strongly requested that we have a contest on scratch this year, which we will.38020070630_b_004.jpg
To all of Scotty’s fans around the world, we invite you to come get together at the Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery annual gathering!

ツ黴€You can apply or contact us for more information here.