The 17th Newport2 Timeless

Scotty has announced that he will be making the GSS Newport 2 with a head same as the Newport 2 Studio Select. More than 40% of the USPGA tour players use Scotty’s putters in this season and one of the reasons is that the pin type head of Newport 2 Select is overwhelmingly popular among the players. Popular as well is the new series; the Squareback, Fastback, Notchback.
This Select head is an awesome head combining advantages of the Classic and Cameron & Company, a lot of players have changed to this Select head.ツ黴€ At same time, Scotty is getting many requests from pros that they would like to use the GSS head and is one of the reasons why Scotty decided to make it.ツ黴€ It is very exciting news, isn’t it?
There is even a rumor that Scotty has already made the first prototype. We can look forward to when and where he will release it.

The 16th Dress Code on October 18th

Please wear to the 3rd Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery gathering a dark blue blazer with a blazer club badge (crest) which has been sent to you already. We would like to take a group photo together before the meeting.
Here is a picture of Scotty and our president. Do you recognize this course? Where was this taken? He looks a bit like a commenter doesn’t he?