The 21th D009 Pre-order

 The greatest Scotty Cameron putter, the D009 Tour DSS (Damascus stainless steel) was released at the 3rd annual Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery event. Now the first 9 putters he created have been sold. Thank you very much.
As Scotty explained at the event, he will be making total 27 of D009s in next 2years. The D009s Scotty will be making from now on will have serial numbers 11 or over.
 The customers who received #1~#10 putters, are the owners of extremely rare putters. It has not been decided when and how many D009s Scotty will create next, but we are accepting pre-orders for D009s if you would like a specific serial number. Please understand that some of the numbers may not be available since they have already been ordered. We recommend to order well in advance if you wish to have a special number.
 We noticed that some of you are wondering if the D009s which will be made in the future will have more elaborate stamps. We asked Scotty and he said that stamping will be the same level and similar designs as the current ones.

The 20th D009 Tour DSS

For those who enjoy only the finest hand-crafted putters, Scotty Cameron gives you his new design, the D009.

Recently unveiled at the annual Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery Meeting on October 18-19 in Japan, the D009 putters epitomize Scotty’s luxury performance design. Each is milled from a block of rare Damascus Stainless Steel and given a spectacular golden-colored finish to reveal rich, swirling patterns within the steel. Each masterfully crafted putter is accessorized with a hand-laced black crocodile skin grip and a soft Italian leather headcover. Each is truly a unique work of art; each breathtaking.


Scotty will create only twenty-seven D009 putters for the world. Nine pieces were introduced at the annual Museum & Gallery  Meeting. The remaining putters will arrive over the next year and will be offered exclusively through the Museum & Gallery at Hamamatsu Seaside Golf Club.

The 19th Timeless

The timeless putter we introduced in the last Circle T Column was released at the 3rd annual Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery event on October 18th. Scotty prepared and brought 7 of Newport 2 GSS Timeless putters to the event. Each of them has a serial number engraved in the head and were numbered from 2 to 8. Scotty has mentioned that the Timeless putters he will create in the future will not have serial numbers engraved, so that makes those 7 putters very valuable.
Do you know why is it called “Timeless”? Because the head design is a mixture of the Classic GSS and the Cameron & Company. When classic and modern are mixed together, it makes the putter “timeless”.

The 18th D009

A miracle putter has just been created. At the last year’s Museum & Gallery event a Scotty Cameron fan asked if Scotty was making a putter using Damascus steel and Scotty answered “in the future”. Since then collectors were wondering when and where it will be released and in what model. Scotty chose this year at the Museum & Gallery event to introduce the brand new putters and the model he chose for Damascus was the 009. It was the first time in the history that the chromatic gold Damascus was used for a putter. As Scotty explained to the members at the event, it is the most luxury putter he ever created. The leather used for the headcovers was specially ordered and imported from Italy, and the Damascus steel for the head is much more costly that GSS. Scotty researched and found that the Damascus steel was used for knives in Europe for roughly the last 200 years.  The grips are also specially ordered. Scotty had created 9 of the D009s so far, and each of them has serial numbers engraved. He will be making more in the future and will be 27 D009s in total.