The 25th Ball Tool

 Since the 2009 US PGA tour has started, more players have been using Scotty Cameron tour putters and winning.  75 players used Scotty Cameron tour putters at the AT& T Pebble Beach National Pro – Am.
  Some fans in Canada and the U.S. may already know that the Scotty Cameron ball tool, which is very popular at the Museum & Gallery shop, has been chosen as the “golf item of the year 2008” by the Canadian golf magazine Score Golf. This is very exciting news for Japanese fans. One of our customers recorded a 68, his best score the other day. Confidently he said that he couldn’t get that score without a Scotty Cameron ball tool.  If you haven’t tried the Scotty Cameron ball tool, please give it a try!

The 24th Our auction is coming soon

We are starting the 4th auction at 12:00 pm (noon) on Monday, February 23th
(Japan time). This time we are putting 3 items on auction. The starting and
ending time for each item are different, so please check the information
carefully before joining the auction. Each auction lasts for 48 hours
The auction is open exclusively for M & G members. If you have not joined our membership yet, please join and enjoy the auction.
We have a new system called the “automatic bidding system” which allows
you to enter the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for items. Please
read the auction participation agreement and enjoy the auction.

For more details, please go to our auction site.

The 23th D009 DSS 011-014

 The D009 DSS was dramatically revealed at the annual Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery event in October 2008. As Scotty announced to the members at the event, only 27 D009 DSS putters can be created from the size of the Damascus stainless steel ingot Scotty possesses. These are extremely rare putters, without a doubt. As some of the collectors know, 2 of 27 were excluded from sales. Scotty kept one for himself as artist proof and one with the serial number 000 was for our CEO. So the actual number of putters for sale is 25. Serial numbers 001 to 010 were created for the annual event last October and have already been sold.



Now Scotty just created 4 more serial numbered 011 to 014 and they will be sent to the customers who have pre-ordered them. The head stamps of the recently created D009 DSS are exactly same as previous ones. There was a rumor among the collectors that the head stamps on later D009 DSS would be fancier, but the new D009 DSS proved that the rumor was not true. As well, according to information received from the studio, there was an incident and Scotty had to destroy one putter head. Thus, the total number of the D009 DSS for sale is now only 24. Scotty has assured us that he will not create any more of the D009 DSSs after those 24 putters have been sold. They are truly extremely rare putters with some collectors saying that it is the best investment around. It is easy to believe, if you look at the current value of other Scotty’s hand crafted putters created in the past.


 Some putters with serial numbers 015 and above have been already reserved and there are few available for pre-orders. Please do not miss this opportunity! The D009 DSS is sure to be legendary in the future.
The D009 DSS world distribution is exclusively held by Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery.