The 30th Price Revision of Scotty Cameron Tour Putters

 We would like to make an announcement regarding a price revision of Scotty Cameron Tour putters. After the consultation with Scotty Cameron Putter Studio, we have decided to revise prices in order to make available standard pricing around the world.
 Therefore, prices of some putters will decrease and some will increase for markets in Japan. At our Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery, we will always make efforts to provide you rare and unique tour putters.

We sincerely hope to have your continuous support in the future.

The 29th Inspire by Ryuji Imada Sold Out

We had 10 of the Inspire by Ryuji Imada putters at our gallery for sale and they proved to be so popular that they were sold out in just 2 minutes after uploading the information to our site. 5 of the 10 putters were a rare version with charcoal mist finish, black coating shaft and blue grip. Only 5 out of the total 500 Inspired by Ryuji Imada putters were created with those rare details and all of them came to our gallery. We delivered those extremely rare putters to the first 5 customers who placed orders. We assume the time difference between the first 5 orders and later 5 were just few second apart. The customers who got a regular black finish putter may have seemed unlucky but because they were able to at least make a purchase, they can consider themselves very lucky as some people totally missed out by seconds.  We also had tons of inquiry phone calls regarding the putter and we are deeply sorry for all Ryuji Imada fans who could not purchase the putter.