The 35th The last Newport 2 SSS

We now have the last of the SSS putters in stock. Scotty announced that the production of the Newport 2 SSS Cherry Bomb will be discontinued, just like the GSS Classic. Scotty’s personal stamp “Peace of Mind” is carved on the last SSS Cherry Bombs to prove it is one of the last lots product. Scotty got an idea from Japanese stamps when he created the “Peace of Mind” stamp and it became his personal stamp. These putters are very rare and having the stamp makes very valuable.


We also received a DVD from Scotty explaining about the last SSS Cherry Bomb. We have uploaded it on our website, “Movie” page. Please check it out.

Message regarding PayPal acceptance and sales tax (tax free)

 We thank you for your patronage.
We have improved our website system and PayPal will now be available for your payments. Items purchased by customers who reside overseas (outside Japan) can be sent directly to his/her overseas address, and 5% Japanese national sales tax will not be charged anymore from overseas purchases. Even better!
 As much as possible, we will continue to support you and respond your requests to make your shopping easy and enjoyable.
 PayPal will be available from August 24th.

The 34th Prizes for the 4th M&G pre-tournament, meeting and tournament.

 We would like to thank you for the many applications we have received for the 4th Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery meeting and golf tournament.
 A lot of players are participating from the pre–tournament round on Friday, which will make a big difference from last year. We hope this will make the event more enthusiastic than last year, and look forward to your participation.

 Now, we will introduce some of the very rare prizes prepared by Scotty himself, which will be given through the three-day event (pre- tournament round, meeting and main golf tournament). The prize assignments are still a secret, but here is a sample of the prize items and what we have to look forward to: 

The 33th Information for the 4th Annual Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery Meeting

We would like to inform you of the schedule and other details for the 4th annual Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery meeting and golf tournament.
This year we have scheduled the pre – tournament round, Sadao Watanabe live jazz show & dinner the day before the meeting. With the inclusion of this day, the event will be held through 3 days for members so to fully enjoy as much time as possible with Scotty Cameron. Scotty is very excited to returning again this year and will give us some information regarding this year’s tour and his new products.

Friday, October 9th
M&G Pre- Tournament Round and Sadao Watanabe at the Seaside Live & Dinner

Saturday, October 10th
The 4th Annual Scotty Cameron M&G Meeting

Sunday, October 11th
The 4th Annual Scotty Cameron M&G Golf Tournament

The museum will be renovated and redecorated to include more putters, headcovers and other items. Also, a limited number of special edition goods (new staff bags and accessories) and special putters will be sold at the museum. We are planning a “special challenging event” and other activities for the meeting so it is sure to be even more special than last year.
 The golf tournament winner and first runner -up will receive Scotty’s handmade trophy, as well, there will be plenty other special prizes in various categories. Like last year, the tournament will commend on scratch (without handicap).
 We hope this will be an unforgettable 3 days, and we look forward to your visit.
 This year the special discount will be applied to the participants who are attending the event for all 3 days. Every year, the Sadao Watanabe live jazz show & dinner is always filled to capacity, so if you wish to get a ticket for the pre- tournament, live show and dinner on Friday, please apply early. Applications are accepted on a first – come, first – served basis.
We are organizing an optional day tour to Kyoto for members coming from overseas and wish to see some traditional Japan on Thursday, October 8th. If you wish to join the tour, please let us know.
 Participation in this year’s event is limited to Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery members and one accompanying guest per member. For more details please contact us below. We sincerely hope you consider participating.