The 46th 2009 My Girl Limited Edition Coming Soon!!



We are now expecting to receive the My Girl 2009 editions sometime this week. This year’s My Girl is the Newport SSS Button Back aluminum insert. The remarkable design is colorful and gorgeous and is reminiscent of the flower movement of the late 60s to early 70s. When you hold it you will see one flower that is bigger than the others, that is the sweet spot and it represents the site dot. The shaft band is even original hippy psychedelic and the grip is the purple stitch back soft leather by Pittards. Moreover, the headcover is made from semitransparent vinyl material. Scotty got this idea from the saddle of one of his bike collections. This is a brand new material that Scotty has never used for his numerous previous putter headcovers. The putter is full of surprises that we cannot fully explain here, we recommend you to make an order early and discover it yourself. 


The 45th Tour Putter Wins the Japan Tour.

At the Japan Tour last week, Toru Suzuki became the champion and Hiroyuki Fujita finished 3rd using Scotty Cameron putters. Just before the Japan Open started (on Tuesday and Wednesday) Scotty visited the course with his tour putters. Both players found a putter they liked and Scotty presented them with the putters as a gift.  Later, the two players actually used those putters during their games.


Toru Suzuki chose a Newport 2 Select Tour Black, and Hiroyuki Fujita chose a California Delmar Select. Fujita has been to Scotty’s Studio in USA but didn’t have a chance to meet Scotty, so he was very excited to meet Scotty in person for the first time on this occasion. Fujita looked to be enjoying talking with Scotty about putting, putters and etc. Scotty offered to create a Fujita version of California Delmar with his preferred weight, finishing and other details. But Fujita felt that he didn’t deserve such a special offer, so he politely turned down Scotty’s offer saying that the one he has now is perfect. Scotty thought Fujita was a very modest person. So that Scotty promised to Fujita that he would create a personal headcover just for him instead of the putter.


In near future, we will see a Fujita’s putter with an only one in the world putter cover. Fujita also owns a Newport 2 GSS. He never leaves his Newport 2 GSS in his carry bag unattended. He always asks his caddie to hold the putter while Fujita go for a meal. We feel very delighted to hear a story like that. We hope you will cheer for Hiroyuki Fujita with us!