The 50th Flying Scotty Dog!?

This is gallant Julian Wilson, a very famous professional surfer who was on the cover of one issue of American surf magazine “Surfer” just before the Sony open was held.
It’s so cool!


Take a good look at his T-shirt! Is there a Scotty Dog on it? Yes, indeed. He is wearing one of the very rare “Underground T-Shirts” which was distributed only to Scotty’s friends or VIPs of the Studio.

“Golf” and Scotty Cameron putters bring people from all walks of life together. Julian, you rock!


The 49th Stainless Steel Shaft Band

Scotty always comes up with new ideas every year and surprises us. This year Scotty is going to do something new for the first time in the history of golf, a stainless steel shaft band!! We usually call stickers placed on shaft a “shaft band”, but the new shaft band Scotty invented is a metal tube with a diameter sized to fit perfectly underneath the grip, and logo engraved on the surface. Moreover, the logo will be painted with matching color head and grip. It is going to be much more elaborated than a regular shaft band. Our president saw the prototype in Hawaii and said “that it is really something way beyond a shaft band”. Since it requires a lot of time and energy, it cannot be applied to all the tour putters. It is probably going to be added to tour putters GSS and over. We can look forward to it with high expectations.