The 52th We Have New Gift Headcovers & Putter Bags.


We Have New Gift Headcovers & Putter Bags!!

Thank you for your continued patience. We now have new gift headcovers and putter bags. This time they are made with a bright purple base garnished with a Japanese 5 yen coin design on the side.
We present these to customers who purchased tour putters and is limited to 100 sets.

Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery

The 51th Scotty with Hammy Hula Girl


This is Scotty with a prototype headcover of the Hula Hamamatsu Girl in Hawaii, January of this year. That night, Scotty told us about his various ideas. His passion towards making putters and other related goods is always 100%.  It made us feel that his creations will certainly continue to be something far beyond imagination of fans, including us, as long as he’s got that motivation.