The 57th Xperimental Blue Pearl Mist Finish

Our president who is visiting the Studio at the moment has the latest
information regarding Scotty putters.
We have been selling a few of Xperimental Blue Pearl Mist Finish putters,
and it sounds like those putters will become very rare in the future.
Scotty literally created these putters with this kind of finish
experimentally. Only few opportunities are left to own a blue pearl mist
finished putter. We assume there will be only 10 of these in total. 


The 56th Membership gift for 2010

This year’s membership gift is an original bag with a shoulder strap, shown in the picture. It is big enough to hold 2 or 3 putters and the perfect size to go to a driving range with a few clubs. It can be used in many ways as you see fit. It is expected to be shipped in the end of May. Please wait until then.

Please click the link below for more information or to apply for a membership.


The 5th annual Museum&Gallery meeting and the golf tournament

We thank you for your continuing support. The schedule for the 5th annual
Museum & Gallery meeting and the golf tournament has recently been decided.

Thursday, September 9th: The 5th annual Museum & Gallery meeting
Friday, September 10th:  Pre-tournament & Sadao Watanabe’s live jazz
Saturday, September 11th: The 5th annual Museum & Gallery golf tournament

We will inform members of the application and registration details,
participation fees, and other events details as soon as they are decided.

Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery