The 59th The custom headcover

 The putter that was introduced as “the opposite of the Deep Milled model” in the latest slide show “U.S. Open” on Scotty’s blog is the Newport 2 Classic GSS Vertical Stamp without any milled marks on the face and belongs to Hiroyuki Fujita.
 He has been a huge fan of Scotty and he also uses the California series, Del Mar among others. Shown in a later photo, a black headcover with BIKKE on it was created especially for Fujita by Scotty. After they reunited at a practice green in the Japan Open last year, Scotty promised Fujita that he would create the headcover for him and this photo is proof that Scotty actually fulfilled the promise.
 Scotty who sincerely keeps his promises, and Fujita who modestly appreciates the honor, are just like samurais representing Japan and America.

The 58th Notification Regarding Establishing a Putter Fitting Studio

 It has been 5 years since the Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery opened and we have a very exciting announcement to mark this special anniversary. For the first time outside of Scotty’s Putter Studio, we are opening a putter fitting studio at the Museum during the 5th annual event in September. Its design is based on Scotty’s facility and will give Scotty Cameron putter enthusiasts another way to enjoy their passion for putters.

 At the new Museum fitting studio, a player’s setup and stroke can be analyzed from multiple perspectives―like when a Touring pro is fit. With that data, our Scotty-trained fitter can suggest personalized putter recommendations regarding the ideal length, loft and lie angle. In addition, this putting analysis can be used to help players identify and improve putting habits in an easy way that players can understand and implement.

 Scotty and his team developed this putter fitting studio in California specifically for installation at the Museum. It is expected to be ready by the annual event in September, and we are very excited to offer this new benefit of membership in the Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery. We look forward to seeing you in September at Hamamatsu Seaside Golf Club.

Notification for the 9th M&G Auction


 Thank you for waiting so long, the 9th Museum & Gallery auction will be happening soon. A rare, one of a kind experimentally produced canvas bag will be sold at this auction. The combination of beige colored canvas and brown leather is chic and soothing, a great design but eventually turned down. Therefore, this bag will never be mass-produced in the future and is certain to be a very rare item for all collectors. We can look forward to it.
*Only members can join the auction.