The 60th annual Museum&Gallery meeting and the golf tournament

We would like to inform you of a variety of events held throughout the 5th annual Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery meeting and golf tournament.

Thursday, September 9th
The 5th annual Scotty Cameron M&G Meeting
It is going to be a special meeting for the M&G’s 5th anniversary with Q&As to Mr. Cameron, attractions, games, putting contest, and release of new putters and items etc.

Friday, September 10th
M&G Pre-Tournament & Sadao Watanabe ‘s Live Show & Dinner at Seaside
This event is full of rare items for prizes and Mr. Cameron may also participate in the pre-tournament. After the awards ceremony, we will have an auction and a super rare item will be sold at this auction. Please enjoy the grand dinner and Sadao Watanabe’s fantastic live show following the auction.

Saturday, September 11th
The 5th annual Scotty Cameron M&G Golf Tournament
Celebrating the 5th anniversary, contests and attractions will be held at all 18 holes this year. It is sure to be an unforgettable day for you!

Again this year, the special discount will be applied for participants who are attending for all 3 days, the meeting, pre-tournament round, and the main tournament. The pre- tournament round and Sadao Watanabe’s live is scheduled on the second day of the event (Friday, September 10th). The tickets for Sadao Watanabe’s live show sell out every year, so please make your reservation early in advance if you wish to participate in the pre-tournament round, live show and dinner. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
 We look forward to receiving your application.