2011 Hula Girl Hamamatsu Headcover!!

We would like to show you some parts of the 2011 Hula Girl Hamamatsu Headcover. Leather is used as the material. The number is limited to 500 in the world, and they are going to be on sale soon.
Please enjoy Hamamatsu version of charming Hula Girl.


 A Happy New Year!!! The year 2011 has just started.
 We are planning on having two big events at our Museum & Gallery this year. First is the Grand Open of Putter Fitting Studio in March, and the other event is the annual event, Meeting & Tournament in October. We would like to enjoy the world of Mr. Scotty Cameron with all of you.
We are going to try our best for you to have a wonderful golf life surrounded by Mr. Scotty Cameron’s putters and items. If there is any suggestion or comment please don’t hesitate to contact us.
 We wish you all the best for this year.380dsc08832.jpg