Charity Bag Tag & T-shirt

We would like to express my hearty sympathy with those who suffer from the Tohoku earthquake. We pray that the restoration will happen as soon as possible.
Since the earthquake, we have been getting a lot of mails with encouraging words from all over the world. 
We have received so many inquiries wanting to help. Join efforts with Mr. Scotty Cameron, we decided to make Charity Bag Tags.
Mr. Scotty Cameron had designed Peace Sign wishing everyone at the disaster-stricken area will restore peace as quickly as possible.
We would like to produce and sell 300 of Bag Tag. After subtracting the cost of production, we would like to donate all of the profit to the victims through an appropriate organization.
If you would like to support this object, please make an application for this Charity Bag Tag.
The estimate of the delivery of the Bag Tag is end of May.
If you order this Bag tag at same time as the T-shirts, we will be mailing out the items at the same time.
※ If you wish to have your name engraved, please write down what you would like to engraved on the remark column.



Colorful Car Badge!!

We have been garnering very good reviews on the Car Badge, but if you paint inside of the Scotty Dog, it will become a very cute dog like this.
Maybe you can paint the Car Badge with the color that you like or match with your car!
We have only few Badges left.
Please do not miss this chance!