Prototype putter of Adam Scott

 We have just started to take the precedence reservation of the Concept F-X , which is the latest Scotty’s tour putter. And Adam Scott won at 2013 Masters Tournament using this putter.

Please request this putter by sending the email including your shaft request(Bended shaft or Straight shaft), your address, your name and your phone number to the below address if you would like to purchase it. And please appreciate that we will take the reservations by order of arrival.

Concept F-X


Bended shaft or Straight shaft.

*Only Paypal is available for the payment for purchasing this.

Scotty Cameron Museum&Gallery

Kansai Open

Monterey Tour Chromatic Bronze and Silver

Fastback 2012 Straight”0″ Silver

Daisuke Maruyama Pro,  Newport 2.6 Black

Newport GSS “KM28″

Newport T10 Black x Lime Green

Sun Chlorella Classic

Sun Chlorella Classic is going to be held in Otaru country club which is known as one of the most difficult courses in Japan. The driving range is vast. And there are 3 practice greens.

Monterey Tour Chromatic Bronze

Laguna Tour Black

GoLo Tour Smooth face and Deep milled face.

The young-gun, Mr. Satoshi Kodaira. Select Newport2.6 Tour.


North country club is the place where the competition is going to be held. It takes twenty minutes from the Shin Chitose airport by car. The tournament course is grand and strategic

How will the players overcome the resistance of the western grass?


Super Rat Green&Gold color is a the Pro, Mr. Paul Sheehan ’s favorite

Newport2 SSS 350G

This is the headcover which Scotty made for the exclusive use of The Pro, Mr. Fujita

It’s very cute, isn’t it?

Mizuno Open

Mizuno Open,  after 2 Open weeks.

The players check their stroke and roll of the balls very carefully under the stick clouds.

The original loft angle of Scotty’s putters is 4 degrees.  We adjust to make the angles to fit player’s requests.

Select Tour Newport2(left)、Super Rat GSS insert

GoLo Tour welded spud neck is very popular in Tour. There are 2 versions, Silver and Black.

The golf course staffs removed rainwater which appeared on the practice green caused by a heavy rain.

In this season, they also need to fight against to rainy weather conditon.


June Open week.


Select Tour Newport2

GoLo S1 and GoLo “0″ with a welded spud neck

Fastback Tour with a welded spud neck


JGT Championship.

 There was a long slope between the practice green and the tour van , we ran and ran there to adjust the putters for responding the requests from the players.

Laguna Tour Black with spud neck “0″ position.

Monterey Tour 2012

 Mr. Fujita has already got the second win with Circa#3 GSS in this season!


Diamond Cup Golf


There are two practice greens on the course. We move back and forth between 2 greens to respond to requests from the players.

The players are practicing putting carefully.

Mr.Kawase, a promising star from Hamamatsu.

Select Newport2 Long slant neck Face balanced.

Fastback Tour straight shafted 3 flange lines with welded spud neck.

Totoumi Hamamatsu Open 2012

It takes about 50 min. to the host course of Totoumi Hamamatsu Open from our museum. We went there to support the tournament.

It was raining on Tuesday, the practice day, however, we had a great day next day for the pros and amateurs tournament.

We respond to requests from players by moving between the tour bus and the practice green by taking a boat.

The Worm Burner head cover won great popularity at the tournament!

009 Triple Black finish.

Tour Select Newport2 Notch back with spud neck.

Japan Pro Golf Championship