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Newport2 Timeless Carbon 350G Brushed Black

Product No.:club4414


This is an arrival of the Newport2 Timeless Carbon with a flange line at a brushed black finish. You can feel a very soft touch when you hit the ball. This Timeless has 7point crown and 5point crown on the back cavity. It is very rare and unique.

Special Features

7point crown, 5point crown and 7point crown on the backcavity. TIMELESS on the heel bumper, 350 on the toe bumper. SCOTTY and Circle-T on the heel side of the face. CAMERON on the sole. It has a top line.
Grip: Pistolini Circle-T Black.
Headcover: Industrial Circle-T White/Blue Tour Rat Hot stamped.


Length  -  34"
Balance  -  D2
Size  -  Total weight : 536g

009M 1.5 Beach Carbon 350G welded Round neck


Phantom X T5.5 Tour Prototype


Craftsman SSS Chromatic Bronze welded polished plumbing neck