Congratulations on the winning in TSURUYA OPEN, Mr. Fujita!

We look forward to his more activities this week as well.

There is an impressive lineup of successive winners on the big board.

Who will join this board next year?



The persistence of tour pro is really something.

He putts and we adjust. We repeat the process until he satisfies.

We work on the putter wishing him the best.


New Select series.

The Production Model of New Select Series has just been released in United States.

According to the Studio in California, the number of orders from distributors for next 2 months has already outstripped the estimated sales for 1 year. Mr.Cameron himself is also surprised for this situation.

The Jet Setter Junk Yard Pack, exclusive for New Select Series, has arrived at the Custom Shop. You can get it customized to a cool all black putter.

The Tour Select, which Mr. Cameron has worked over himself, is in high demand form pros in PGA tour. They are currently on back order at our gallery.

With the full lineup of the Mid-size putters, Mr. Cameron’s Tour putters will storm this year’s tours all around the world.

Please don’t miss it!

Japan Golf Tour has opened!

The 2012 Japan Golf Tour has opened.

We have started to support the tour from this year.

The New Select series and GoLo have been attracting many players.

Please be sure to check the heated battles on the green.


Practice green.

Japanese Tour rep Rocky and Korean Tour rep Christian.