Diamond Cup Golf


There are two practice greens on the course. We move back and forth between 2 greens to respond to requests from the players.

The players are practicing putting carefully.

Mr.Kawase, a promising star from Hamamatsu.

Select Newport2 Long slant neck Face balanced.

Fastback Tour straight shafted 3 flange lines with welded spud neck.

Totoumi Hamamatsu Open 2012

It takes about 50 min. to the host course of Totoumi Hamamatsu Open from our museum. We went there to support the tournament.

It was raining on Tuesday, the practice day, however, we had a great day next day for the pros and amateurs tournament.

We respond to requests from players by moving between the tour bus and the practice green by taking a boat.

The Worm Burner head cover won great popularity at the tournament!

009 Triple Black finish.

Tour Select Newport2 Notch back with spud neck.

Japan Pro Golf Championship


Open week

There is no tournament this week.
However, we will have Japan PGA Championship next week. It is the very first major title this year.
We are getting ready to send in putters to the tournament.

Meanwhile, Mr.Dong-Hwan has visited our museum. We really appreciate for his time.