Mizuno Open

Mizuno Open,  after 2 Open weeks.

The players check their stroke and roll of the balls very carefully under the stick clouds.

The original loft angle of Scotty’s putters is 4 degrees.  We adjust to make the angles to fit player’s requests.

Select Tour Newport2(left)、Super Rat GSS insert

GoLo Tour welded spud neck is very popular in Tour. There are 2 versions, Silver and Black.

The golf course staffs removed rainwater which appeared on the practice green caused by a heavy rain.

In this season, they also need to fight against to rainy weather conditon.


June Open week.


Select Tour Newport2

GoLo S1 and GoLo “0″ with a welded spud neck

Fastback Tour with a welded spud neck


JGT Championship.

 There was a long slope between the practice green and the tour van , we ran and ran there to adjust the putters for responding the requests from the players.

Laguna Tour Black with spud neck “0″ position.

Monterey Tour 2012

 Mr. Fujita has already got the second win with Circa#3 GSS in this season!