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Cameron&Co. Newport2 GSS 350G welded neck Cavity welding POM

Product No.:club4409


Cameron&Co. Newport2 GSS has arrived. The sharp topline, bigger bumpers, special welded neck, increased stability of the head, constantly move forward for new design idea, Current Scotty Cameron is to be the best Scotty Cameron. Don't miss the Peace of Mind stamp on the face heel!

Special Features

5point crown, Diamonds and Cavity Welding on the backcavity. SCOTTY CAMERON and Peace of Mind on the heel side of the face. 350 and Diamonds on the neck. GSS on the heel bumper, 3 diamonds on the toe bumper. It has a welded sight dot. It has a stainless shaft ring and Tungsten sole weights.
Grip :Leather Scotty Blue perforated standard-size
Headcover : Industrial Circle-T Gray/Scotty Blue for GSS.


Length  -  34"
Balance  -  D6.5
Size  -  Total weight : 528g

Special Select F-3 Tourtype SSS


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