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Special Select Timeless Tourtype SSS

Product No.:club4425


Everything Scotty has learned about what our game's greatest players want in a Newport 2 head shape has gone into this particular design. This 34-inch Special Select Timeless Tourtype SSS is the closest in shape, setup and feel to the world's most famous Newport 2. It's that good. Naked.

Special Features

Double milled cherry bombs, Circle-T, TOURTYPE SSS and SCOTTY CAMERON on the backcavity. Double milled cherry bombs, Circle-T and SSS on the heel side of the face. Circle-T, TIMELESS and FOR TOUR USE ONLY on the sole. Circle-T weights T30g.
Grip: Pistolini Circle-T Black.
Headcover : Special Select Circle-T Red


Length  -  34"
Balance  -  D2.5
Size  -  Total weight : 539g

009M SSS 350G Chromatic Bronze


Special Select F-5 Tourtype SSS welded spud neck Straight shaft T-Blue paintfill


Fastback Tour Experimental Prototype Double bend shaft