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Newport T22 Tour Black Mist

Product No.:club4450


The ultimate resto-mod would embody the spirit of the models that preceded it, but also stand alone as the ultimate Teryllium-inlayed putter crafted to the modern specs demanded by the world's greatest players. This 34-inch Teryllium T22 Newport (TNP) Prototype is it.

Special Features

Circle-T on the heel side of the face. CAMERON on the neck. TOUR on the heel bumper, ONLY on the toe bumper. SCOTTY CAMERON, TERYLLIUM TNP and Circle-T on the sole. Circle-T weights 20g. It has a flangeline.
Grip: Pistolini Circle-T Black
Headcover : T22 Black Circle-T


Length  -  34"
Balance  -  D8
Size  -  Total weight : 552g

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