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Special Select F-3 Tourtype SSS

Product No.:club4544


This 34-inch Special Select F-3 Del Mar Tourtype SSS Prototype was first introduced on Tour. But, Scotty made this one for Gallery fans looking for the same experience as the pros. With its milled Cherry Dots, Circle T styling and sculpted mid-mallet setup, this Tourtype in Studio Stainless Steel (SSS) is a guaranteed gamer, especially with Scotty's vertically milled sight line on the top

Special Features

Double milled cherry bombs, Circle-T, TOURTYPE SSS and SCOTTY CAMERON on the backcavity. Double milled cherry bombs, Circle-T and SSS on the heel side of the face. Circle-T, F-3 and FOR TOUR USE ONLY on the sole. Circle-T weights 20g. It has a flangeline.
Grip: Pistolini Plus Circle-T Black/White.
Headcover : Industrial Circle-T Red/Yellow Hot Head Harry Hot stamp


Length  -  34"
Balance  -  D7
Size  -  Total weight : 545g

Super Rat1 Silver Mist


Select Squareback1.5 Tour Black Mist


009M 1.5 SSS 350G Chromatic Bronze welded round neck