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Phantom X T5.5 Tour Black Prototype

Product No.:club4627


Inspired by the design of a major-winning gamer but with the addition of our Tour Black finish, Scotty offers this 34-inch Phantom X T-5.5 Prototype exclusively here in our Gallery online store. With its welded jet neck, custom topline sight line and overall shape, this is what a Tour prototype is all about. Includes a new textured Pistolero Plus grip and Tour Jester Circle T headcover.

Special Features

3 Bombs on the backcavity. Circle-T on the heel bomb. Circle T on the heel side of the face. Circle-T, SCOTTY CAMERON, PROTO ,T-5.5 and FOR TOUR USE ONLY on the sole. Circle-T weights 20g. It has a topline.
Grip: CT textured Pistolero Plus
Headcover : Industrial Circle-T Yellow/Purple Tour Jester Hot stamp Mid-Round


Length  -  34"
Balance  -  D9.5
Size  -  Total weight : 559g
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Members-only Lottery-based Items

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