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Phantom X T9.5 Tour Black Prototype

Product No.:club4631


This 34-inch Phantom X T9.5 Prototype is a Tour Only offering that Scotty gave his Tour Black finish. With a jet neck, this precision milled compact mallet delivers balance and feel with its solid stainless steel face and wings integrated with a rounded 6061 aluminum flange-sole component. This offering includes a new textured Pistolero Plus grip and a USA Circle T mid-round headcover. The opportunity to purchase the Putter will be awarded via lottery. The lottery winners will receive an email with instructions on how to purchase this putter.

Special Features

Circle T on the heel side of the face. Circle-T, SCOTTY CAMERON , T9.5 and FOR TOUR USE ONLY on the sole. Circle-T weights 15g. It has a topline.
Grip: CT textured Pistolero Plus
Headcover : Industrial Circle-T USA for Mid-Round


Length  -  34"
Balance  -  D8
Size  -  Total weight : 554g

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