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The 4th Scotty’s Workmanship

Since Scotty has become famous and is so busy, many of you may think that he has assistants to help make putters for pros and amateurs. But he actually makes every single putter all by himself.ツ黴€ He makes heads of course, also stamping, painting stamps, grips and other detailed works. Attaching a shaft and a grip is occasionally done by an assistant, and Scotty always checks the finished putter. If it doesn’t feel right when he strokes with it then that putter will not go to market. If it is not perfect he draws a line on the grip with a marker, or cuts the putter in half so there is no chance that the putter will go to market by mistake. Therefore putters for famous pros and amateurs alike are made with the same sincerity and accuracy.ツ黴€

Scotty always says that his work is either 100% or 0%, there is no 90% or 80%. This principle has made Scotty Cameron’s tour putters the best in the world, and he intends on keeping it that way into the future. He lives by his father’s words- “Do it right or get out of the way”.