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The 3rd. Newport2.

Today we will talk about one of the most popular Scotty Cameron Tour Putters, the Newport 2. First of all, the Newport 2 is known as the putter Tiger Woods has been using for a long time. One of the most striking features of the putter is its sharp, straight head. You can see the rectangular outline very clearly when you address the ball, and many users find it easy to target. The Newport 2 fans are attracted to these features, but many Newport fans feel it is too boxy and doesn’t have curves other putters have.400dsc02725.jpg

The Newport 2 tour putters are currently available in GSS Cameron & co, in SSS, in carbon steel, select series and T10 select series. We would like hear what you like or don’t like about the Newport 2, feedback and other comments regarding the Newport 2 putter. Please feel free to leave us your comments.