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The 1st. Scotty’s current work.

We would like to share news and information about Scotty Cameron and his tour putters with those of you who have visited the Museum & Gallery website. Today it’s about Scotty’s current work. Scotty’s putters have been the most used among the USPGA tour players for a long time. You know his putters aren’t just tools by the fact that every pro player who loves and uses Scotty’s putters (such as Tiger Woods) visits his studio. Scotty personally attends about 10 tournaments a year and the Titleist representatives attend other games which Scotty can’t make. From the end of January the California series starts, and it is the busiest season for Scotty because many pros visit his studio in

San Diego during that time. Scotty has long sessions with an each pro; selecting and adjusting their putters, checking their putting strokes, and correcting them if needed. He is indeed busy in his studio throughout day. With state of the art equipment, the pros can have peculiarities in their stroke or weak points checked and corrected. In overcoming their weak points and fitting the putter to their specifications, pros realize the greatness of Scotty. Currently only pros and a very few friends can enter the studio. If you are not one of the lucky few, then you wouldn’t be able to see the inside of the studio. However, at the Scotty Cameron Museum & Gallery we have a DVD recorded tour of Scotty’s studio continuously playing and guided by Scotty himself. Please come and visit us and see his studio for yourself.