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Stand Bag Pathfinder Bright Red

Product No.:others788


Expertly crafted with Scotty Cameron emblems all over, including prominent Circle Ts and a 7 Point Crown, this Bright Red Pathfinder stand bag has the custom-designed Scotty Cameron golf bag features you expect: a rubber handle, convenient glove retention patch, nylon webbed tee holder, custom zipper pulls, tough padded rows, a pen pocket, spacious compartments for your gear and rock-solid construction.  180 pieces limited at Japan Gallery.
Due to an expected high demand for this very special product, the opportunity to purchase the Stand Bags will be awarded via lottery. The lottery winners will receive an email with instructions on how to purchase this unique item. *It will take around 7 days for shipping. Thank you very much for understanding.

Special Features

9.5 inches diameter, 2.6kg.
*We can not combine with other items. Thank you very much for understanding.


Color  -  Red
Size  -  9.5 inches diameter
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